Visit the Ried in a flat-bottomed boat

The «Boatman of the Ried» in Muttersholtz offers you a choice of several itineraries to explore the natural environment and discover the history of the Ried.

These itineraries, guided by one of the last boatmen of the Alsatian Ried, are as entertaining as they are enriching from a cultural point of view. Aboard an authentic flat-bottomed boat crafted by his own hands, Patrick will introduce you to the river and surrounding countryside which constitutes his everyday working environment.

The Programme : Uncovering the secrets of the Ried around the river Ill

Excursions are organised for a minimum of 6 persons and a maximum of 16.
It is however possible to stretch this to cater for groups of 28 persons maximum.

April-May-June: reservations only, every day of the week.
July-August: from Tuesday to Sunday
September till the end of October: reservations only, every day of the week.

You have a choice of two itineraries:

Itinerary 1: from 08h30 to 12h00
Itinerary 2: from 14h00 to 17h15

A specially adapted itineray for groups of more than 26 persons is also possible: Itinerary 3